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Virtual remote team events

The working world is changing and becoming more digital. Virtual meetings take place very often and many employees work remotely in their home office. In order to strengthen the sense of unity and to promote the valuable exchange among each other, we offer innovative, virtual team events and thus ensure motivation, inspiration, solidarity and identification.

With our virtual team events, we bring people digitally together without them having to be in the same location. The events are executed with our experience app on the participants’ smartphones. They use it to network and interact with colleagues.


A strong sense of unity promotes the performance of each individual employee and thus has a positive effect on the whole company. The commitment of every participant is required at our team events. Everyone is integrated, everyone is motivated. All various tasks combined stands for mutual success. Communication, cooperation, creativity and joint decision-making are crucial. The interaction in the team is promoted, trust is built and solidarity is strengthened in the long term.

Participants get to know each other on a more personal level. The team event serves as a neutral setting where any area of tension that can be resolved. The different event approaches help, among other things, to actively integrate new colleagues, to accelerate the getting to know phase of project teams or to improve work processes between different departments.


eine Frau erklärt einer Kollegin was der Pin auf dem Board bedeutet

Team development with NewTeamWork

On the one hand, the individual team member enjoys greater freedom than before and an expanded scope of action. On the other hand, the whole team has to react faster to changes and new requirements. At the same time, the increased communication speed driven by digitization must be countered with adequate strategies for action. “NewTeamWork” takes both sides into account and can be used in a variety of starting situations.