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Terms of Service

1. Taxes

The prices are in each case plus statutory VAT.

2. Number of participants

A change in the number of participants must be communicated up to 14 days before the event takes place. Otherwise, billing is based on the offer and the number of participants communicated by the customer. Any spontaneously added people will be invoiced additionally to the current price.

3. Terms of payment

The fee for the planned event must be transferred after receipt of an invoice.

4. Cancellation and date postponement

The event fees are to be transferred after receipt of the invoice. A written cancellation or date postponement is possible free of charge up to 30 days before the start of the event. In case of cancellation or date postponement after this deadline, 50% of the fees will be due up to the 14th day before the start of the event and 80% up to the 7th day before the start of the event. For cancellations or date postponements thereafter, the entire fee is due.

The possibility of cancellation does not apply if we create customised material for the event (e.g. when building individual insect hotels) or create an event format individually for you (e.g. an individual GPS rally format).

5. Photo and Video recordings

As a part of the event, the participants (Online Events) or the Projekt Manager (Offline Events) take photos and videos during the event. By accepting the offer, the customer agrees that these recordings can be made. The recordings will be made available to the customer after the event. The recordings will be automatically deleted from our servers after 365 days. On special request, the files can be deleted earlier.

6. Liability

Participation takes place at own risk. Third party liability of the organizer is limited to intention and gross negligence. This applies also to assignees of the organizer. Contractual liability for loss or damage is excluded, if not due to gross negligence or intention. When participants engage on third party services, especially emergency rescue services, they must free the organizers from resulting costs.

7. Special conditions for outdoor events

The event will take place in any weather, cancellation for weather-related reasons is excluded. Instead, you can rebook for a virtual event on the same date free of charge.
This bad weather alternative is offered at the price of the booked event and only comes into effect if it is decided together with the customer 4 working days before the event that the weather makes it impossible to hold the originally booked event.

8. Special conditions for virtual reality events

The VR goggles including the equipment (charging cable, charging adapter, Bluetooth controller) must be returned to a shipping center with the designated shipping box no later than the business day after the event. In case of missing this deadline, the lender (xpert marketing & events GmbH) may charge additional late fees of €10 net per day.

In the case of damage to the VR goggles or to the equipment (charging cable, charging adapter, Bluetooth controller) caused by the borrower, these are to be replaced by the current monetary value. The liability for this is the debtor’s (borrower’s) company.



These terms and conditions are dated 14 December 2023.