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Events in
360 Degrees

A new dimension of events!

Experience your event in a completely new dimension – with our 360° video event modules!

This technology is the perfect solution for trade fairs, sporting events, congresses and conferences, for example. With our 360° videos, the impossible becomes possible: we take your guests on a virtual journey and let them experience places and perspectives that are not normally accessible to visitors.

Examples of use

Imagine seeing the race track at a sporting event through the eyes of the athlete and feeling the adrenaline as you cheer along with them. Or you could explore the production site of a product and experience first-hand how it is manufactured in a complex process.
Our event modules with 360° videos allow you to push the boundaries of your event and offer visitors a unique experience, for example:

Industry and companies

With our event modules, you can immerse yourself virtually in the production facility and experience first-hand how products are manufactured. You get an exclusive insight into the production process and see things that normally remain hidden from visitors.

Give an insight into your company’s job profiles to inspire qualified junior staff – by showing them the job in 360°.


Our event modules with 360° videos allow you to fully capture the energy and emotions of public events and experience the event in a completely new way.

Imagine you’re at a sporting event and want to experience the action up close. With our 360° videos, you can immerse yourself in the action on the pitch. You can follow the game from the players’ perspective and feel the adrenaline as if you were part of the team.

Or you’re at a festival and want to explore the various stages and performances.With our event modules, you can virtually jump from stage to stage and capture the atmosphere of the live performances. You are right in the middle of the action and can enjoy the music and ambience to the full.


Experience products without touching them

Imagine you are visiting a motor show and want to explore the interior of a luxury car. With our event modules, you can take a virtual seat in the car and view it from every perspective.

Ready for an extraordinary event?Contact us and let’s explore the possibilities of our 360° video event modules together. The future of your event is just a click away!

With our 360° event modules, we push the boundaries of the ordinary and create an event that will be remembered…

... and this is what it can look like:

Our use case from the 2023 Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof


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