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City Quiz Trails

City Quiz Trails: Exciting discovery tours and teamwork in an urban environment.

Welcome to your city quiz trail, the ideal team event! Get ready for an exciting and interactive experience where you and your colleagues can explore the city in a whole new way. Our city quiz trails combine the classic idea of a scavenger hunt with modern, communicative and creative tasks- ensuring a fun, meaningful and lasting experience for all participants.

Unsere spannenden Formate:

Quiz Trails

In Person

City GPS Rallye

Schon ab 30 € p.P.

Gather your team and take to the streets on an adventure to explore…


2 h


In Person • On site

Pub Explorer

Schon ab 30 € p.P.

What do you get if you combine a pub crawl, a quiz and…


2 h


In Person • On site

Spy Academy

Schon ab 30 € p.P.

Your mission? Deploy your spy personas, take to the streets and work together…


2 h



Virtuell, hybrid & vor Ort


Moderator on site


Live Support


With your own chosen starting and finishing points

Stadtrallye München

In every City

Team building 2.0 in your city

A different kind of geocaching! Use your smartphones and our interactive city map to explore the sights of your city in small groups.

Our photo and video challenges test the group’s creativity and provide a lasting memory of the rally.

What makes it special is that state-of-the-art technology meets innovative team-building ideas. For example, let our AI integration write the script for your video… for even more creativity and team fun!

We offer our city quiz trails in all cities in Germany, e.g. in:

Fernsehturm in Berlin
Sonnenuntergang am Hamburger Hafen
Frauenlirhce und Sykline von München, im Hintergrund Alpen
Sonnenuntergang in Köln
Skyline von Frankfurt-am-Main
Frankfurt am Main
Brunnen in Stuttgart
Sonnenuntergang in Düsseldorf
Sonnenuntergang in Leipzig
Skyline von Dortmund
Essen von Oben
Welche Stadt ist das?
...and in the city of your choice!

Internationally, all locations are also possible, e.g. in:

sommerlicher Tag in Wien
Eifelturm im Herbst
Sonnenuntergang in Barcelona
Bild der Stadt Salzburg unter Tags
Sonnenuntergang in Zürich, am Fluss
BigBen in London mit Underground Schild
NewYork Skyscraper
New York
Brücke in Luxemburg
Blaue Moschee in Istanbul
Abendliche Skyline von Shanghai
Welche Stadt ist das?
...and in the city of your choice!

Our exciting city rallies:

Team experience at its best
with our exciting City RALLIES.

City Rally #1: Company Rally
The teambuilding classic "city rally" in a completely new way. Explore the city of your choice interactively. Score points in multimedia team challenges and take photos and videos. How to stay motivated: Our live scoreboard ensures excitement!
City Rally #2: Pub Explorer
You can expect a pub crawl, an exciting quiz and a team activity all in one. In this rally we will take you to the most beautiful bars in your city. On the way you can puzzle your way to the top of our scoreboard with exciting tasks!
City Rally #3: Spy Academy
Get to know the most exciting side of your city on an "undercover mission". Photo and video challenges, codebreakers, brainteasers and other puzzles await you along the way. You'll need an eye for detail, a good memory and a strong competitive spirit!
City Rally #4: Around the World
Bring the whole world to your city: on this journey you will discover various cultures. A variety of tasks and entertaining photo and video challenges await you. Creativity, skill, and teamwork are needed.

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Book your package now:

Self Managed
City Quiz Walk

Simple, uncomplicated and flexible
400 Base price
  • 10 persons included
  • plus €30 per additional person
  • all information will be sent to you in advance

with moderator
on site

All-round support from your xperts
1.150 Base price
  • 10 person and one moderator included
  • plus €30 per additional person
  • plus €750 for one additional moderator per 50 additional participants

Available on request: Individual components, winner’s prize, tickets and more.

We will be happy to present you with a free DEMO version of our city quiz trail in a joint video conference so that you can get an impression of the process and the tasks.


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About Our City Rallies:

With the help of our interactive app, your group is off in smaller teams to explore the city of your choice.

You will find your way to GPS points, where exciting tasks will be unlocked: Questions on the surroundings and the history of the city, but also knowledge questions await you. The highlights are our photo and video challenges, where the teams can get creative!

The city rallies are possible in any city.

Yes, the city rallies are planned according to the rules in force.

Also distance between participants is feasible at any time.

You can book your city rally remote where everybody is exploring the city on a different route or the participants are in different locations.

We will provide you with all the necessary information about the event in advance.

At the event itself, you will meet on site (if desired, our moderator will be present via video call and take over the introduction).

All you need is your smartphone. You install our free app on it and get the access data for the city rally from us. Via the app you will be guided to the respective points and meet again at the agreed destination.