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Summer Party Upgrade

Our summer party ideas for your event

A summer party to remember!
You don’t want a huge event, but rather a cozy get-together with something extra? Icebreakers that spice up your summer party and promote health with active movement? Our event modules provide entertaining interludes to liven up your event. Try it out!

With moderator on site

We are there for you: All event modules include on-site supervision by our team of facilitators.

Outdoor Modules


The eye-catcher at your summer party: For our interactive reaction T-Wall games, you need reaction speed and coordination. Who can master our various reaction games?

Price: €1,350  all-inclusive


Take to the skies: Icaros is a fitness device and VR flight simulator in one. You lie on the mobile frame, fly through a glacier landscape or dive into an underwater world. Body tension is essential!

Price: €1,350  all-inclusive

Climbing Wall

Do you want to be a bit more sporty? Roll up your sleeves and let’s go: On the climbing wall, guests can climb up to 5 meters in height – of course with reliable safety (in accordance with alpine climbing technique).

Price: €1,350  all-inclusive


Stay up in the air: You can reach heights of up to 9 meters on the trampoline – the feeling of weightlessness is incomparable! Who will inspire your colleagues the most with his or her aerial acrobatics?

Price: €1,850 all-inclusive

human table soccer

Pure soccer fun – for everyone! Slip into the role of the playing figures at our oversized Human Soccer Table. You can move sideways and as far as your feet will take you. Have fun scoring goals!

Price: €1,350 all-inclusive


…and shoot!
How fast will your volleyball, soccer or handball shots travel? We know, thanks to radar speed timing. This will surely arouse the competitive spirit of your guests!

Price: €1,350 all-inclusive

Fit Lights

Speed is the name of the game here: By touching the ball, you activate the light sensors and test your reflexes. There are various game options for individuals or groups.

Price: €1,350 all-inclusive

Team Quiz Trail

Drei Personen navigieren mit dem Handy

Grab your colleagues and get going:
On a short circular trail directly at the location of your summer party, we will surprise you with creative and communicative tasks.

Price: starting at €1,150

Murder Quiz Trail

Here, too, you move along a short circular route on location. The goal: Will you solve our tricky criminal case and unmask the culprit? Exciting tasks await all guests who are interested in investigating.

Price: starting at €1,150



Do something for your health…and have fun doing it! “Pedal” your way to delicious, fresh, vitamin-rich smoothies and then enjoy them! The bike is a best seller and definitely an eye catcher at your party.

Price: €1,350 all-inclusive


Srike your pose in front of the green screen, adjust your accessories – CHEESE! You are the subject, we provide the appropriate background and print your pictures directly on site to take away.

Price: €1,350 all-inclusive

Interactive sensory garden

Experience allfive of your senses – perhaps in a completely new way.
Our interactive stations are all about hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling.
Have fun!

Price: €1,350 all-inclusive

Insect and bird house Workshop

Vogelhaus Bauen

We bring kits, tools and interesting knowledge about birds and insects. Those who would like can get creative on site and create a new home for these animals.

Price: starting at €1,350

Choose your preferred module and let our facilitators inspire you!

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