Company Quiz Heroes

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Who will be the hero in your company?

all group sizes

1,5h - 2 hours

Invite your employees or customers to a varied quiz. Creativity, skill and teamwork are required – and of course there is also plenty of fun!

Our classic quiz: The participants compete against each other in entertaining disciplines. It is about knowledge from various categories, tricky tasks and, last but not least, about creativity in solving our interactive video and photo tasks. Communication and teamwork pays off in the end and you will be rewarded with plenty of points.

But be careful: time is running out. How many challenges can you solve in the given time? Collect point by point and secure the title “Company Quiz Hero”!






up to 10 people 11 – 25 people 26 – 75 people 76 -150 people 151 – 500+ people
without annual license 500 € 50 € p. P. 45 € p. P. 40 € p. P. 30 € p. P.
with annual license 375 € 37 € p. P. 33 € p. P. 30 € p. P. 22 € p. P.

Our prices are net.

Save 25% per event for your entire company with our annual license (€ 1,000 / year). Just talk to us about it.

We would be happy to present you a free DEMO version of our virtual events at a joint video conference so that you can get an impression of the process and the tasks.


Our additional offer: goodie box for guests

We’ll surprise your employees with a gift box that is delivered in advance by post. More information can be found here:

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