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City Quiz Walk in Düsseldorf

The exciting team building events

All group sizes – duration: approx. 2-3 hours – in Düsseldorf

Online Rallye Düsseldorf





With individual start and finish point


Experience together the most beautiful places in Düsseldorf

Experience Düsseldorf together

A new approach to teambuilding: With your smartphones and our interactive city map, you can explore the metropolis of Düsseldorf.

Do you know how many Japanese people live in the EKŌ-House of Japanese Culture? And when the park Schloss Benrath was built? Find out!

Rally highlights:

  • Multimedia team challenges with photo & video
  • Live scoreboard for motivation and excitement
  • Interactive exploration of the beautiful city of Düsseldorf
  • Optional: End of the rally in a restaurant of your choice (or according to our recommendation)


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Our exciting City RALLIES in Düsseldorf:

Pure team experience
with our exciting STADTRALLYES in Düsseldorf:

City Rally #1: The Company Rally
The teambuilding classic "city rally" in a completely new way. Explore the city of your choice interactively. Score points in multimedia team challenges and take photos and videos. How to stay motivated: Our live scoreboard ensures excitement!
City Rally #2: Pub Explorer
You can expect a pub crawl, an exciting quiz and a team activity all in one. In this rally we will take you to the most beautiful bars in your city. On the way you can puzzle your way to the top of our scoreboard with exciting tasks!
City Rally #3: Spy Academy
Get to know the most exciting side of your city on an "undercover mission". Photo and video challenges, codebreakers, brainteasers and other puzzles await you along the way. You'll need an eye for detail, a good memory and a strong competitive spirit!
City Rally #4: Around the World
Bring the whole world to your city: on this journey you will discover various cultures. A variety of tasks and entertaining photo and video challenges await you. Creativity, skill, and teamwork are needed.

Are you curious? This is what it can look like:

Online Rallye Düsseldorf
Online Rallye Düsseldorf
Online Rallye Foto Challenge

Book your package now:

Self Managed
City Quiz Walk

Simple, uncomplicated and flexible
400 Base price
  • 10 persons included
  • plus 30 € per additional person
  • all information will be sent to you in advance

with moderator
on site

All-round support from your xperts
1.150 Base price
  • 10 people and one moderator included
  • plus 30 € per additional person
  • plus 750 € for one additional moderator per 50 additional participants

Available on request: individual components, winner’s prize, tickets and more.

We will be happy to present you with a free DEMO version of our city rally during a joint video conference so that you can get an impression of the process and the tasks.

2-3 hours
5 bis 500+ participants
German and English
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