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GPS City Rallye

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Become an urban explorer


2 h

In Person

Gather your team and take to the streets on an adventure to explore the concrete jungles of this world!

Compasses at the ready, it’s time to discover the beating heart of your favourite town or city during this challenge. Using your smartphones and our interactive app, you’ll explore your chosen metropolis whilst being guided to unlock GPS hotspots containing a variety of problem-solving tasks and general knowledge questions.
As well as channeling your inner explorers, you’ll have to get creative with photo and video challenges along the way. Team strategy is key here as you compete via the live scoreboard within our app, allowing everyone to inspire and entertain each other as they go!
The team of adventurers with the most points at the end of the challenge will be crowned the winners!

By the way: We offer different versions of our GPS Rally. So, is not only possible in a city or a town as City Rallye, we can adapt it to any location of your choice.

Zur Anfrage


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