Virtual Upcycling

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From old to new


1- 2 hours

You don’t want to just throw away your old, beloved (or even unloved) items? Would you also like to contribute a small part to environmental protection?

Then you have come to the right place with our virtual upcycling course. Under the motto “make new out of old” we make old objects beautiful again and let them shine in new splendor.

You can let your creativity run free … we look forward to unusual works of art!


up to 10 people 11 to 25 people 26 to 75 people 76 to 150 people 151 to 500+  people
On site 950 € flat rate 95 € per person 90 € per person 80 € per person 70 € per person
Virtual 750 € flat rate 75 € per person 70 € per person 60 € per person 50 € per person

Our prices are net.

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