Virtual Reality
Escape Game

Zur Anfrage

Arctic Escape Game


about 1,5 h - 1h game time


In Person


The future is here!

We are taking our events to an unprecedented level with brand-new technology.

Each participant gets their own VR goggles.

With these glasses, you will meet in a breathtaking virtual world. Will you succeed in escaping from our icy Escape Room?

See, feel and experience team spirit in a whole new way!

Arctic Escape Game

An icy storm. An abandoned hut. And no rescue in sight.

Your team finds itself in this almost hopeless situation – and the clock is ticking. Are you able to escape together?

For this online team event, we’ll create a breathtaking virtual world for you. And you are right in the middle of it. Search your team and the hut for clues and traces …

This is teambuilding on a whole new level!

Zur Anfrage


Take advantage of our discount for VR events until 30.09.2022:


up to 10 people 11 – 25 people 26 – 50 people ab 51 people
1.250 € flat

950 € flat

125 € p.p.

95 € p. p.

120 € p.p.

90 € p. p.

110 € p.p.

80 € p. p.

Our prices are net.

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