Spy School GPS Rally

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Cannel your inner spy and prove yourself as a wothy agent

all group sizes

1,5 - 2 hours

Equipped with your own smartphones and divided into teams, you start the Spy School Rallye at the location of your choice. Navigate to the GPS points and activate important information there. Solve the tasks and find important information to unmask the mysterious person. Which team will solve the puzzle first and get the most points?

The teams download our “mobile adventures” event app on their own smartphone. There, the teams are shown GPS points to which they are navigated in order to activate the tasks via GPS tracking. The teams then solve these together.



Virtual: Participants start from their home office at their own home address worldwide.
Hybrid: The participants play in small groups at one or more locations worldwide.
On site: The participants are all at the same location with the xpert team on site. Teams are also formed here.


up to 10 people 11 – 25 people 26 – 75 people 76 -150 people 151 – 500+ people
Virtual/hybrid without annual license
500 € 50 € p. P. 45 € p. P. 40 € p. P. 30 € p. P.
Virtual/hybrid with annual license
375 € 37 € p. P. 33 € p. P. 30 € p. P. 22 € p. P.
On Site
750 € 75 € p. P. 70 € p. P. 60 € p. P. 50 € p. P.

Our prices are net.

Save 25% per event for your entire company with our annual license (€ 1,000 / year). Just talk to us about it.

We would be happy to present you a free DEMO version of our virtual events at a joint video conference so that you can get an impression of the process and the tasks.


Our additional offer: goodie box for guests

We’ll surprise your employees with a gift box that is delivered in advance by post. More information can be found here:

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