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Getting creative for Christmas


1h - 2h

A cosy atmosphere, candlelight and the scent of fir branches – the best conditions for a relaxed get-together.

In the run-up to the workshop, we send a package with the necessary materials to each participant so that everyone can start well prepared and without much effort. Then it is time to get to “work”: with tips and tricks from our creative experts, you create individually designed Advent wreaths, which can also include company-specific components.
A bonding experience at the end of the year that ensures a good mood and open communication.


up to 10 people 11 to 25 people 26 to 75 people 76 to 150 people 151 to 500+ people
On site 950 € flat rate 95 € per person 90 € per person 80 € per person 70 € per person
Virtual 750 € flat rate 75 € per person 70 € per person 60 € per person 50 € per person

Our prices are net.

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