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The creative online event


1- 2 hours

Create and design works of art from writing and letters!
With hand lettering, you learn a lot more other than how to write beautifully:
Play around with the representation of words and letters.

We will provide you with the first material.
What you make out of it is entirely up to your imagination! But of course you are not all alone: ​​You work on the artwork together with your colleagues, exchange ideas and tips – and maybe also create coherent works of art?

Our creative professional will of course give you an introduction to various techniques and is always available to help you out.


up to 10 people 11 to 25 people
26 to 75 people
76 to 150 people
151 to 500+  people
On site 950 € flat rate 95 € per person 90 € per person 80 € per person 70 € per person
Virtual 750 € flat rate 75 € per person 70 € per person 60 € per person 50 € per person

Our prices are net.

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