Build An Insect Hotel

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Support our nature

all group sizes

1- 2 hours

Promote environmental and nature protection and the preservation of biodiversity. Become an “insect hotelier”! This creates a valuable alternative to the increasingly scarce natural habitats of our insects, which make a decisive contribution to the natural balance of our environment.

Experience a sustainable CSR campaign full of fun and team spirit: First, you develop a construction plan together with your team colleagues. Then saw, hammer and drill are used: a new property for insects and bees is created.

Everyone in the team works on their own house, but the results are created in teamwork: you are always connected to your colleagues via video conference, exchange ideas on the construction plan and receive tips from our creative experts.


up to 10 people 11 to 25 people 26 to 75 people 76 to 150 people 151 to 500+  people
On site 950 € per person 95 € per person 90 € per person 80 € per person 70 € per person
Virtual 750 € per person 75 € per person 70 € per person 60 € per person 50 € per person

Our prices are net.

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