Build A Birdhouse

Zur Anfrage

An active contribution to nature conservation

all group sizes

1- 2 hours


In Person


Create valuable living space for our birds,
which among other things are dependent on shelter for nesting.

This happens at a distance, but still together.
We network you online with your colleagues and off you go:
We will send you the necessary material in advance.

Let creativity, imagination and some manual dexterity work together.

Which birdhouses do you think will be the most creative?

Zur Anfrage


  • Introduction by our experienced moderator
  • Team activity in breakout rooms: 1-1,5 h
  • Award ceremony


… and support for the complete event

What do you achieve?

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Thinking Out of the Box

What is required?

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone or tablet

Languages and group sizes

  • Ideal for all group sizes (5 to 500+ participants)
  • English and German (other languages on request)

Virtual, in-person or hybrid?

  • Virtual: Everyone joins the conference from a separate location
  • In-Person: You meet on site and get out in small groups
  • Hybrid: Partly you meet in groups on site, partly you join the conference from your own location : Teils trefft ihr euch in Gruppen vor Ort, teils wählt ihr euch separat ein


up to 10 people 11 – 25 people 26 – 75 people 76 -150 people 151 – 500+ people
In-person 950 € flat 95 € per person 90 € per person 87 € per person 85 € per person
Virtual 800 € flat 80 € per person 75 € per person 73 € per person 70 € per person

Our prices are net.

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