Around the World

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Travel virtually around the world and explore cultures

all group sizes

1,5 - 2 hours

Your employees are in the home office or your colleagues and customers are scattered around the whole world?

Invite your participants on a virtual trip. The attendees only need their smartphone and a computer. A variety of tasks and entertaining photo and video challenges await you at the workplace. Creativity, skill and teamwork are required – and of course there is also plenty of fun!
You will learn a lot about the different countries and get to know the culture in an entertaining way.


Join us on a virtual trip around the world – fun and lots of laughs guaranteed!




up to 10 people 11 – 25 people 26 – 75 people 76 -150 people 151 – 500+ people
without annual license 500 € 50 € p. P. 45 € p. P. 40 € p. P. 30 € p. P.
with annual license 375 € 37 € p. P. 33 € p. P. 30 € p. P. 22 € p. P.

Our prices are net.

Save 25% per event for your entire company with our annual license (€ 1,000 / year). Just talk to us about it.

We would be happy to present you a free DEMO version of our virtual events at a joint video conference so that you can get an impression of the process and the tasks.


Our additional offer: goodie box for guests

We’ll surprise your employees with a gift box that is delivered in advance by post. More information can be found here:

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