Team Development

Team development as a performance boost – but not only

As a consequence of externally caused changes, such as:

 Restructuring, new corporate alignments impact of digital technology, leadership changes for reasons that have touched off the team, such as:

Overload situations, conflicts, communication difficulties or to increase performance.

We combine content input with small group modules, creative blocks, team presentations, feedback rounds and units that ensure results.

The special thing about “NewTeamWork” is that experience components not only serve as loosening up, but through them the goals are achieved. In addition, the change can already be experienced on site and the participants are emotionally anchored. This gives the transfer to everyday work a more stable foundation.

This is possible through the use of experienced and flexible trainers who all come from the corporate context, have management experience and are also trained as mediators and coaches.


Your starting position

Restructuring & new Company orientation

Digitization and its impact on your team

Leader changes and other changes in team balance

Dealing with overload and conflicts

Solving communication difficulties

Need to improve performance


Benefits for your company

Benefits for your team

Indivdual benefits

Due to the modular concept and the detailed preliminary discussion, specifics and the strategic and cultural orientation of your company are included directly in the workshop. This ensures that content, experiences, results and tools can also be used and lived in your company afterwards.

Behind our motto “experience with results” there is a high focus on results due to the experience of the workshop. A concrete action plan with target date and responsible persons is drawn up for the team, which is checked on quality assurance day.

The trainers tailor our workshop and the approach throughout the entire process to the team and its individuals and not the other way around. The participants only learn methods, the transfer of which is clear, they already experience the results in the workshop and continue this in their daily work.