Our online event platforms Gather Town & ZEP

Gather Town & ZEP is an interactive platform that enables people to experience virtual meetings as if they were in reality.

We take your conference to another level. Create your own avatar and dive into the world of one of our conferencetools. Our interactive platforms offer the right interface for meetings, congresses, product presentations, tastings, and much more.
Do you want an individually designed room for your online event? That’s no problem either. Our designers will make it happen for you. In Gather Town & ZEP you have the possibility to stand on stage as a speaker, you can create small so-called “private spaces”, group tables, or allow an open discussion. With additional rooms, we can offer you space for separate exchanges.

What about after-work? Come to our rooftop bar, the poker room, the go-kart track, or the beach bar to relax. Gather Town & ZEP can be combined with gamification. Professional and yet with that “certain something”.

Social Events

After Work Party, Get-together, Gaming Night, Company party and more

Business Meetings

Co-working spaces, virtual office and meeting platform

Any Questions?

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You can hold a conference with up to 100 people with a full range of functions in Gather Town. If you like to hold a conference with more than 100 people we would recommend to use ZEP.

That depends on your individualization requests. We make small adjustments within a few hours, larger adjustments take a few days. It varies depending on the type of customization and the cost will depend on that.

Yes, you can book a free demo appointment with us. Simply use the contact form above to do so.

The costs vary depending on the customization and the time required. As soon as we have defined a framework together, we will prepare a corresponding offer.

You can book additional support. This means that during the whole conference someone from our tech team will be there and can support you accordingly.

No problem! We design the room in your colors and with your logo.

You can either stay in your conference room or book additional gamification options. No matter if a go-kart track, rooftop bar, or beach bar. We have different universes ready for you.

Just like with all other conference tools, you can see each other, talk to each other and use the chat. In addition, you have the possibility to create so-called “private spaces”. You can talk to one person in the whole room without the others hearing you.

You can use Gather Town or ZEP as a platform for meetings, conferences, congresses, product presentations, tastings, social events, and get-togethers. You can also implement any other form of virtual and hybrid events here.

Yes! Gather Town & ZEP is very convenient to use and operate via the browser on your smartphone.

The mission of Gather Town & ZEP is to reduce distances between people. To do this, we create a virtual world in which people can immerse themselves to work, socialize and get to know each other.

In Gather Town & ZEP, you create an avatar according to your wishes. You don’t have to download an app or register for it. No personal data will be collected by us in this case.