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Escape the Climate Change

Escape the Climate Change

Take a moment to save the world

Take a moment to save the world!

“Sorry, I just quickly have to save the world!”

Test your knowledge and get inspiring suggestions for social, ecological and economic sustainability!


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From 5 to more than 500 participants possible


Duration: 1,5 h


Using our interactive event platform


Virtuell, hybrid & vor Ort

The Escape Room's

Our Online Escape Room's

Combine knowledge, fun and a good cause

How well do you know the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Test your knowledge and get inspiring suggestions for social, ecological and economic sustainability!

Boring? Certainly not!
Experience a unique escape game in the Metaverse! Navigate your avatars through 3 levels and split up into smaller teams to find clues to help you escape the virtual world.

For each team that manages to escape, we’ll plant a tree!


new, innovative team building using the basic idea of the metaverse

Your group is connected across locations: Each participant logs in from his or her individual location. Then the experience begins: You move through three levels with your avatar and work together in smaller teams to find clues to escape the virtual world. Together you fight against time and close gaps in your knowledge about social, ecological and economic sustainability.

It's time to experience:

It's time to experience:


Social sustainability
Ecological sustainability
Economic sustainability

Team building:


General Information:

General Information:

Our Partners:

Our Partners:

Technically developed in collaboration with our global partner ZEP, the interactive platform for virtual meetings in the Metaverse.

Content developed in collaboration with modem conclusa, experts in sustainability communication and strategic consulting for visionary companies.

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up to 10 people 11 – 25 people 26 – 75 people 76 -150 people 151 – 500+ people
600 € flat 60 € p. P. 55 € p. P. 53 € p. P. 50 € p. P.

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We would be happy to present you a free DEMO version of our virtual event and the platform so that you can get an impression of the process and the tasks.

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Our satisfied clients: